Expats – Shared Housing

Expats - Shared Housing 12.500 kr. ex. VAT*
  • Housing research (rental)
  • Landlord contact
  • Going through lease contract
  • Move-in report

“Please be aware that if you wish to rent an apartment in central Copenhagen (or central Århus), the rent must be minimum 13.000 kr., in order for us to provide this service”.

 The package contains:

  • 1 hour meeting where we discuss your criteria and demands for the apartment/house.
  • Housing People will inspect all potential houses/apartments and investigate whether the requirements are met.
  • Housing People will find up to 3 housing options that meet your demands.
  • Housing People will contact you, and we will have a common inspection of the best housing options that matches your demands.
  • Housing People takes care off all contact with the landlord/administrator.
  • Going through lease contract.
  • Preparing move-in report (including pictures etc.).

Going through lease contract

  • Housing People goes through the lease contract with you and informs you of which paragraphs you should pay attention.

Move-in report

  • Going through the apartment.
  • Taking pictures as documentation.
  • Preparing a list of flaws / defects and have the landlord/administrator sign the list.
  • Reading the meters (el, water, gas).
  • Signing up with utility/energy provider.


You pay a fee of 4.000 kr. ex. VAT (non-refundable) The fee covers administration costs, inspections and transport.

Total amount: 12.500 kr. ex. VAT  (The fee will be deducted from the final settlement of 12.500 kr. ex. VAT when signing a lease contract).

The total price is for signing a lease contract for one apartment / house.