Simplesearch (Rental) 2.995 kr. incl. VAT*

If you have the time and the energy to inspect the properties on your own – and also to take care of all contact with the landlord (after the first inspection) - we can help you find 3 relevant and available rental flats/houses. 

Please be aware that it requires a budget of at least 12,000 kr. excl. consumption cost in Copenhagen City.

You could call this “DIY-rental-package”, where Housing People offers our network and good contact with landlords and administrators in Copenhagen, and offers to find flats for you that are actually available and possible for you to obtain.

You get:

  • Via e-mail you inform us of your demands and criteria for your new home.
  • Total market research on the rental market.

* When accepting a lease contract - for a tenancy found by Housing People - we charge a 2.500 kr. (incl. VAT) fee, in addition to the 2.995 kr. (incl. VAT) administration fee.