Housing Guide

Report on the condition of the house (tilstandsrapport)

"Tilstandsrapporten" is a result of an inspection of the building. "Tilstandsrapporten" is a written report that estimates all visible damages and signs of damages on the property. The damages are characterized: ”K0-K3”. The report is prepared by an appointed building expert, and is necessary in order for the buyer to buy a “change of ownership insurance”.

In theory these “tilstandsrapporter” are made on houses, summerhouses and owners flats – but in real life they are almost only used for houses/villas.

The main function of "tilstandsrapporten" is to clarify the house condition and thereby also what the vendor can be held responsible for, after the buyer takes over the house (implied that the buyer accepts what is stated in the report). The report is optional for the vendor - but is advantageous for both parties, since the 20-year “vendor-responsibility” is significantly limited by having a report like this.

There are some types of properties where the vendor cannot be released from his/her 20-year vendor responsibility: For example commercial properties, agricultural properties & cooperative housing.

What does the “K’s” mean?:

IB No comments

KO Only cosmetic “damage”

K1 Less serious damage, which has no effect on the viability of the house/building.

K2 Serious damage: K2 describes serious damage which means that this specific part of the house will “fail” within a foreseeable future. The damage will not effect other parts of the house though.

K3 Critical damage: The same as K2, but this damage will effect other parts of the building.

UN Needs further investigation.