Housing Guide

Cooperative / Andelsbolig
A cooperative – called Andelsbolig in Danish – is a form of living where you become member of an association and via this membership has the right to use an apartment owned by the association. All “members” have to buy the right to membership, which then again gives you the right to use one specific flat in the association’s property. When you buy an Andelsbolig you do therefore not buy property in itself, but you buy the right to use a part of a property.

The right to use is stated on a piece of (andelsbeviset) which grants you the legal rights to be sole user of this specific flat/andel/share.

Monthly andels”fee” (boligafgiften)
When you buy an Andelsbolig, you – besides for the price you have to pay to become andels-owner – also pay a monthly fee.

The fee is paid by all of the cooperative members, and covers all of the running costs on the property (taxes, charges, maintenance, cleaning etc.) This is what it called “fællesudgifter / common costs” for condominiums.

Besides for this, the fee covers down payments and interests on the cooperatives mortgage. Normally this is the largest part of the monthly fee, why it is important to be very aware which type of loans the cooperative has.

As a rule of thumb; the larger the cooperative debt, the higher the monthly fee.

Application costs (Anvendelsesudgifter)
The application costs usually covers heating, water & gas.