Housing Guide

Villa apartment /undivided share
A villa apartment is an apartment in a villa.

A villa can typically be “parcelled” into two undivided shares / apartments.

The undivided shares are in many ways like “normal” condominiums / owned flats. An undivided share is also individually owned real estate that can be bought, sold and mortgaged.

An undivided share is normally only in two-family houses, as for example villa apartments. This is because it is actually illegal to parcel properties, with more than two residential units, into undivided shares. There are a few examples of undivided shares with more than 2 units, in properties where the parcelling has happened before 1980.

Usually the shares in this type of housing have individually registered mortgages etc. – and just as with condominiums you buy a share of the property/building and the plot. There is no owners association though – and the common rules of the building are instead registered by a “joint ownership agreement” signed by all parties.