Housing Guide


Change of ownership insurance (ejerskifteforsikring)
A potential “ejerskifteforsikring” must be registered before take-over and before you receive the keys for the property. The "ejerskifteforsikring" is voluntary and assessed/created based on the property’s condition report.

The seller shall – before signing the purchase agreement – submit an “ejerskifteforsikring” offer and confirm to the buyer that he/she will pay for half the insurance premium. If this does not happen the seller has a 10-year “defect liability”.

It is the buyer’s choice only which insurance company he or she wishes to use and which terms and conditions you wish to have. If you choose a more expensive insurance (than the “ejerskifteforsikring” offer) the seller is only obliged to pay an amount corresponding to half the insurance premium of the "ejerskifteforsikring” offer.

House Insurance
It is a regulatory requirement that you as minimum have an insurance covering fire and storm damage. The insurance must be valid from the day you take over the property – or the day you receive the keys.

Home Insurance
The home insurance is a “package” covering:

  • Your things/belongings (movable property)
  • Damage on things belonging to other people.
  • Juridical/legal assistance

The family insurance is valid for every person with registered address on the property.