Housing Guide

Make an offer!
As buyer you are always allowed to make an offer, lower than the asking price.

Remember though, that the vendor is always in his/her right to dismiss an offer. Also if he or she received offers from several buyers.

A purchase agreement signed by the buyer is the same as an offer. It is not until the vendor has signed the agreement that it is a binding contract.

In other words: You, as a buyer, has no guarantee that you have bought the premises, even though you have signed the contract.

Several buyers?
The decision, on which buyer the vendor wishes to sell to, is the vendor’s decision only. And it is not necessarily depending on the size of the offer.

The real estate agent cannot “reserve” a house or apartment for you – or for other buyers. The real estate agents job is to be the vendor’s advisor ONLY and present the vendor for all incoming offers.

The real estate agent cannot let the buyer know the size of other potential buyers bids – the only thing the realtor is allowed to tell you, is if there are other interested parties/bids.

It is not until both buyer and vendor has signed the agreement that you have a binding contract and the deal is a reality!