Housing Guide

The property is normally taken over some months after the purchase agreement has been signed. Before the take-over date, the buyer agrees the exact take-over time with the broker. If nothing else has been agreed, this normally happens at noon (12:00) on the take-over date.

The taker-over itself consists of handing over the keys together with a common reading of the meters (consumption of electricity, gas, oil, water etc.)

Reading the meters is important since it is used for the completion statement. On the take-over date you also have a last chance to go through the property together with the real estate agent and the vendor: Has any issues arisen since the last time you saw the property? If any conditions are not as agreed in the purchase agreement, you should let the vendor know immediately. This could be missing white goods or damages happened during the sellers move-out.

Remember to get all instructions and warranty cards for the white goods - and to get seller or agent to show you all of the practical things work: How the oil burner and the ELCB works etc.