Price negotiations E

Negotiations 1.500 kr. incl. VAT*

You get:

  • Dialogue with the vendor or the agent regarding price negotiations.
  • Optimizing the terms of the deal.
  • Going through purchase contract with the vendor/vendors agent, when signing the contract.

* At purchase Housing People charges 15% of the achieved discount by negotiations (minimum 1.500 kr. incl. VAT)

If the seller receives more than 1 offer and you end up not getting the house/apartment, then the price negotiations are costless.

Our many years of experience as real estate agents gives us a broad and solid knowledge of the market. We know all about market tendencies and we are extremely experienced in price negotiations and know how to act to achieve the best possible price reduction.

We are 100% representing the buyer – and we see it as our prime task to get our customers the best deals possible!

Financing our fee in the bank
Often you can have your bank finance our fee, by including the fee (1.500 kr. incl. VAT + 15% of the achieved discount by negotiations) into your 30-year mortgage. Getting a credit - that is included into the final mortgage/financing - can for example, do this.

We advice you to speak with your bank concerning the above. We would also be glad to refer you to one of our financial cooperation partners, whom we know provides the above-mentioned financing.