The Housing Market seemed so complex!

“When I, accidentally, was introduced to Housing People, I had been searching for a flat for a while.

I was loosing faith that I would ever succeed in finding anything suitable for me.

As first time buyer the housing market seemed complex and impossible to navigate. I quickly realized that was I was searching for, a lot of other people were also searching for. The demand seemed way higher than the supply. The process was extremely time consuming and I constantly checked the housing sites without success. There seemed to be no flats within my price range that met my demands. I was giving up.

When I met Maria Bach and Housing People, It was like I was given back the hope of finding a new home. With Housing People the process became much easier. I no longer had to spend night and day searching various websites; I just had to show up when Maria Bach had found a new flat. The flats she presented to me, had a totally different potential than the ones I had found myself – and all of a sudden it felt like I was a step ahead of all other house-hunters, by having HousingPeople by my side. It was great to have an advisor who could act quick and professionally – and who had an expert insight in how I should think as a buyer. She showed be 3 flats and the last one was the perfect one!

It is a brilliant concept to have a professional advisor with you, when you are searching for a new home – and I strongly recommend using Housing People! Had it not been for Maria and Housing People I would not have had the dream home that I live in today.”

Tina Holm Mortensen, Editorial Coordinator

Repressed housing wishes were revived!

“I heard about Housing People at a time where I – for a long time – had spent most Sundays going to Open House arrangements, without finding my dream home. I contacted Maria Bach and at our initial meeting Maria in the most brilliant way uncovered all of my housing dreams and demands: The ones I was aware of myself but also the ones I had repressed gradually as my frustration grew.

Maria was “on” from day 1 and continuously kept me updated on where she was in the process. During a relatively short period of time she found a place that in many ways was interesting. Together with an architect she visited the place and I was presented with a solution that I would have never thought of myself. It matched my criteria perfectly.

As a first time buyer it is extremely reassuring to have a competent and professional advisor by your side, who takes care of your interests during the entire process.”

Trice Christensen, Accountant

Highly recommended!

“Housing people were great, and Peter Abildgaard was on the ball. I had a very limited time to move into a new apartment and he found me everything I was looking for in a matter of days. Highly recommended.”

Will William Smith, Restauratør, ejer af restaurant Tight

Time is priceless!

" A colleague introduced me to Housing People after I spent nearly two months searching for a home to rent in Copenhagen without no success.

My move to Copenhagen coincided with time of the year when competition for a house is quite high - August/September. I was brand new to the city, to the country and to the whole housing system. Searching for a home was requiring me to be glued to my computer searching several websites to perhaps have a chance to go see a house while trying to do actual work. Frustration was the prevalent feeling.

After contacting Housing People and letting them know about my housing preferences, it took only a few days for them to find me a potential apartment. In fact, the apartment was pretty much what I was looking for, that I ended up renting the place. I could not have been happier with Housing People services! I would totally recommend Housing People services for anyone who understands that time is priceless."

Ângela Ribeiro, researcher at KU.

Best, sincere recommendations!

" Many thanks to Housing People! Housing People managed to find excellent flat for renting, which is very close to my workplace. Many people warned me that there is a deficiency of accommodation in Copenhagen, so I worried a lot, because in my case I required to move out my previous accommodation ASAP. Housing People perfectly did all job in a few days! I am very glad that I contacted Housing People.
Best, sincere recommendations for Housing People!"

Gleb Dotsenko, DTU postdoc

Housing People is your winning hand!

" Wonderful Copenhagen, dreadful housing market! If you've had enough of playing the bolig lottery,

Housing People - with its competent and friendly agents - is your winning hand."

Alessandro Massaro, DTU Expat.

Good communication and interesting options!

"It was a success working with Housing People. Good communication and interesting options. We really believed that it would be a long and hard procedure, but thanks to Housing People it was fast and efficient. I would totally recommend your services and definitely contact you if I ever need to find a  place again."

Evangelos Diamantis, DTU PhD

Professional and very pleasant personal approach!

"I came to Denmark as an expat with very specific and severe housing requirements regarding the budget, location and the date of relocation: due to the arrival of my wife and daughter I needed to have new apartment for my family within only one month. Housing People were not only able to resolve my issue within 3 weeks and for very affordable price, but what is more - they did it with really professional and very pleasant personal approach. Next time I see anybody similarly desperate as I was at one point, I know who to recommend.“

Alexandr, postdoc at DTU, Lyngby, coming from the Czech Republic


"We are very very pleased with our new flat. IT IS AWESOME!

We would like to thank Housing People for your time. Your help was very much appreciated and you have provided us with a great service for a very reasonable price."

Sorin Claudiu Fratila, expat i DK

Housing People really made me feel a valued customer

If you are on this website and reading this, you already know that finding a place to live in a new country is not easy at all; let alone if you are still abroad while looking, and the housing market is so difficult as it is in Copenhagen.

Housing People was recommended to me by a former customer of theirs, and since the first contact I have greatly appreciated their friendly and professional approach.

The first thing I noticed, is that Housing People really made an effort to understand my needs and possibilities, and to help me understand how my wishes could be met by the housing offer in Copenhagen.

They did never assume they “knew well”. Instead, they took any opportunity to understand what I was looking for and what I would have liked to find. At the same time, they always did anything they could to ensure that every aspect was absolutely clear and that we had a good mutual understanding.

Their genuine effort to provide the best possible service made me feel very at ease with them; in Britain they would say that Housing People “really made me feel a valued customer”. They successfully managed the fact that I was not in Denmark while looking for a flat, and were very helpful in suggesting and applying solutions. Moreover, all my questions have been promptly answered, any clarification has been quickly provided.

Even before I had moved to Denmark, they found for me what I consider the best possible housing solution in Copenhagen, but this is not the end of the story, because even now that the contract has been signed, Housing People are still more than willing to provide the help and support that a foreigner needs in a new country.

And just to let you know who writes this, please note that I am a picky and boring person: it is not easy at all to make me happy. Housing People did that.

P.S. I forgot: value for money? I will never regret a dime I paid for Housing People's services.

Federico Arrighetti, Engineer


"As foreigners, the experience of buying a house in Denmark was extremely challenging. It’s not only the language, there are many aspects where understanding the process is fundamental to get a good outcome, from the selection and negotiation to the hand-over itself, including even the choice of the bank. Besides all of these Housing People were fundamental in guiding us on “what to do” at each moment (and our options). Putting it bluntly, without Housing People, we would probably still be looking for a house now… “

Francisco Camara Pereira