Core values:
In our daily work Housing People acts according to the following core values:

Innovation – Housing People was, established in 2012, the first housing agent company on the Danish market! We wish to be the best, to be proactive, to be competitive – and to be at the forefront of the market development, at all times.

Professionalism – With our real estate background, we have the required knowledge, to act correctly and professionally on a complex housing market. We have the necessary insight in all aspects of housing deals – and we are focused on any pitfalls there may be for the buyer.

Empathy – We meet our clients at eye level and offer personal and supportive advice – understanding the client 100 % in one of the biggest decisions in life. We make sure to match expectations – and for us one of the most important parts of the job is to fully understand our client’s values, dreams and needs for their new home.

Our core values are our daily directory: With them constantly on our mind we are better at solving challenges in a way that adds value for our clients. Our values guide us towards our chosen company behaviour.